Do Cheap English Bulldog Puppies Even Exist?

If you have been looking at bulldog puppies for sale, you will know that they cost thousands of dollars.  This price is out of reach for many.  This may leave you wondering “Do cheap English bulldog puppies even exist”?

It is possible that you may be able to find a cheap English bulldog puppy to buy.  However if you do buy a cheap puppy, ​you may end up spending more money​ than you would have spent to buy a more expensive but well bred puppy from a reputable breeder.  Also remember that “Cheap” or “affordable” are very different for bulldogs than other breeds as they are overall quite a pricey breed. 


Overall, owning your Bulldog will be expensive from the start.  Upon doing a quick web search for bulldogs for sale, the cheapest puppy seen in a neighborhood selling group was $800.  The average for a puppy from a “backyard breeder” seems to be about $2,500.  These puppies may not have any health testing done or any basic puppy veterinary care either.

The​ price for a Bulldog puppy from a breeder will probably be $3,000 – $5,000.  The main thing you should do is research ​and contact breeders until you find one that you like that has a puppy available for you.  That is extremely expensive and may require some time waiting, but having a healthy puppy is the most important.  Even a bulldog from a good breeder may have its problems, as bulldogs in general can have quite a lot of ​health ​issues. 

Just some of the problems that your bulldog may have are hip and elbow dysplasia, skin problems, food allergies, obesity, breathing problems, cherry eye, and arthritis.  This will lead to a whole lot of money spent at the veterinarian, as well as money spent on special foods, supplements and medications for your dog.

Just because a dog is cute or ​has a rare look​ doesn’t mean it is well bred.  In fact, ​if dogs are bred for certain traits​ ​they can have health problems – add this ​to a breed that is already prone to health problems and the results can be disastrous.  ​

​If you are willing to consider an older dog, you can also see if any rescue groups have Bulldogs that you are interested in adopting.  Bulldog Rescue Club of America is a good place to get started.


A great start is the Bulldog Club of America.  They have a ton of great information on their website about the breed, and what to look for and avoid when buying a puppy.  They also have regional clubs that can help connect you with other bulldog lovers and reputable breeders near you.

​​The Bulldog Club of America’s Breeder Code of Ethics is a ​spot you can search online for​ bulldog breeders that​ follow a breeding code of ethics.

The AKC Marketplace is another great place to look online for a reputable breeder.  Their marketplace also has a “Breeder of Merit” program.  This may give you a better idea of which breeders are doing this for the love of the breed and are committed to breeding the healthiest puppies they can.

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